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NBA Sports Betting Model

Sportpunter are about to release predictions for NBA with a brand new sports model. NBA is one of the most bet sports in the world and with many games being played every day, the possibility of high turnover is great. … Continue reading

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NBL Unders – always underrated, now almost sure things

NBL has started for the season 2010/2011 and we have seen amazing results with the Sportpunter model. We’ve hit 7 from 8 winners, for a massive start to the season including big head to head wins at 3.12 and 2.51. … Continue reading

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Sportpunter NFL is here!

Sportpunter are releasing their NFL model this weekend, and results have been particularly pleasing. Despite a late start to the season for release of the NFL model, results have been good for the start of the year. Whilst only betting … Continue reading

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Post US Open Blues for Rafael Nadal

Nadal’s form hasn’t been the greatest since the US Open. That sentence in itself is very debatable. I mean, after all, he won the AIG Open Tennis Championships in Japan and has a 8-2 win loss record. He did however … Continue reading

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Australian Basketball – NBL – Season set to start

The Australian basketball season for 2010/2011  is set to start, and what better way to get on board the winning bandwagon. It doesn’t really matter if you follow the NBL season that close, it’s very rare that someone does, because … Continue reading

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WTA Model analysis – Injuries

Previously I showed about how the updated WTA model goes with all sorts of different probabilities, odds and overlays; all with very good results. Now I will look at all the NOBET scenarios and how the WTA model goes betting … Continue reading

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Using Pre Season data to evaluate Season average scores in NHL

NHL is fast approaching, and Sportpunter are giving predictions for the NHL season again. You can sign up by clicking here. However, a lot of people ask about preseason. How good is it and what point is there in analysing … Continue reading

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NHL season set to start

The NHL season is set to start for season 2010/2011. The past has been very good for us, as shown by the betting history, over a span of five years we have made 7.1% ROI betting on the totals. Last … Continue reading

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Sportpunter Soccer Model: One Year On

Sportpunter’s soccer model has been going live now for just over one year, and we thought it might be good to have a look at the results. Since the 14/9/09 which is the date that we started going live, the … Continue reading

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What a year! AFL Season 2010: A short review

Finally, the AFL season has come to an end with Collingwood running away with the premiership cup. But pies fans were not the only one excited by their season. Sportpunter, it could be argued, also carried off the premiership cup … Continue reading

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