Sportpunter Tennis ModelSportpunter’s Tennis Model

Operating since 2003, Sportpunter have developed a mathematically and statistically sound Tennis Betting Model. As many will know Sportpunter has consistently provided positive returns by betting on tennis for the long term.

Results show that ATP tennis betting has made 4.0% ROI with nearly 15,000 bets. Our WTA model has been quite successful with a 2.5% ROI profit made from 11,000 bets. Clients have also told of much larger profits being made through set betting. Totals betting has also been particularly successful with the ATP totals model making 5.3% ROI from 3200 bets and the WTA totals model making 6.5% ROI from 2,400 bets. In the three years that we have predicted for totals, we have made profits in ATP and WTA every year.

Tennis was one of the first sports that Jonathan Lowe, manager of Sportpunter, undertook, and since then it has been a favourite and it takes a professional crew to develop it. As shown by his credentials, Jonathan Lowe, manager of Sportpunter has obtained a Bsc (hons) (Monash), MSc (Stats) in statistics and started a PhD in sports statistics at Swinburne University. The number of variables that determines Sportpunter’s predicted probabilities is immence, anything from whether they last played a 5 set match, how long it has been for players to play on a particular surface, the quality of the player they played against, the number of games they won, and loads more. Each of these incorporating a database that includes every match played for ATP and WTA, Challengers and Davis Cup games.

Previous supporters of Sportpunter’s Tennis Model have been more than happy. Comments like “it’s a bit like printing money” to “Can You Spell Ka-ching?” are viewable in the member comments section. And there is no reason why they shouldn’t be happy.

At this stage, tennis will not be available in 2016

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