About Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan Lowe is the managing director of sportpunter.

Jonathan Lowe has a strong mathematical and statistical background. He also has a fine knowledge of almost all sports. As a youngster, and still today, Jonathan was actively involved in cricket, Australian rules football and tennis. He is a life member Wheelers Hill Cricket Club in Melbourne, and a member at Gardiners Run Golf Course.

His educational credentials are second to none. He completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Monash University is regarded as being one of the top universities in the country. He obtained a double major in statistics and psychology. He decided to further his study by obtaining his honours level in statistics. Following this success, he continued and completed his Master of Science in the statistics field. Jonathan started his PhD in the sports statistics analysis and prediction area, but following his success with Sportpunter, decided to put all his efforts into the website.

He has been working with a company called Champion Data, who are the current holders of all statistical information regarding AFL football, rugby league, rugby union and cricket in Australia. He has demonstrated a vast knowledge of statistics in sports with Champion Data and Swinburne University.

On numerous occasions he has performed radio interviews and written newspaper and magazine articles as well as selling statistical information to television networks and bookmakers. This information has come in the way of tennis prediction and rankings in the Australian Open, gambling on AFL football, Formula 1 racing prediction, 500cc motorcycle racing prediction, as well as other sports.

There are not many other mathematicians in the world, let alone Australia, who have the in depth knowledge and statistical expertise of sports statistics today.

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