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Five set bias in tennis

With Wimbledon just about to start, it is interesting that not many people know or understand the dynamics between a 5 set and 3 set match. Only 4 times a year, not including a couple of one-off finals matches are … Continue reading

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World Cup 2010 Update: Germany’s Mannschaft

Well I have had time to recover from my home countries performance against the mighty Mannschaft (that’s right, they call themselves the Mannschaft). I have read all of the reports and watched the game again in the cold light of day. A … Continue reading

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Ditch the girlfriend, the world cup is on

The World Cup is finally here!!!!! No more sleeps and I am happy as a fat kid with a cup cake! For those in Melbourne, here are my plans for the first weekend of the World Cup. If you have … Continue reading

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Didier Drogba and the world cup 2010

It is at this stage of proceedings where soccer fans world wide should be at a heightened state of enthusiasm. Last World Cup, official figures estimated just over 2.2 billion (yes billion) people watched the greatest show on turf, and … Continue reading

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World Cup Australian Warm up Review 2010

Alright, plenty of interest which is the way it should be. Plenty happening over in South Africa, and we are still nine days away from the action. All teams have arrived and there are friendlies every where. Here are some … Continue reading

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