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Our record for NBL betting has been pretty good over the years. This will be our 10th year that we released predictions for the NBL, so let’s see how they have gone in the past.

Firstly totals betting. Totals betting made a handy 7% ROI last year and in the nine years that we have been suggesting bets, we have suggested 791 bets at a tad under 10% ROI. Whislt year to year results have varied due to a small sample size every season, I see no reason why the model shouldn’t continue to predict profitable bets again in 2015/16.

Head to head betting broke even in 2014/15 and has been up and down over the years. It has however made a healthy 3.6% ROI over the journey. OF more interest might be line betting. It had a bad season last year, but has still made 10.7% ROI over the four years that we have been recording and predicting.



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