Horse Racing

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Sportpunter have a brand new horse racing model! A lot of work has gone into this model, and currently we are predicting for every single race every single day. The link to the predictions are shown on the right hand side, and at the moment it will take a little bit of explanation as to what it all means.

The first several columns are self-explanatory, until we come to four different ratings. Good, Dead, Slow and Heavy. Obviously these refer to the track conditions. If the track is rated Dead, then logically the dead rating should be used. Astute punters will be able to look at the differences in the ratings so as to determine what horses that we rate are good in the dry and in the wet.

Basically the lower the rating (lower in the negative), the more likely we believe that this horse will win the race. Conversely, the higher the rating, the less likely they will win. The last column, No Rating, indicates that we have no specific rating for that horse. That being said, a rating in Good, Dead, Slow and Heavy still exists for this horse based on a number of other facts apart from the horses form. How to deal with horses that have no rating, is at this stage, up to the individual.

In regards to how to deal with the ratings, that is another factor. Obviously one will be able to determine who we rate the most likely to win, but does this mean that they are an overlay or an underlay? At this stage, this again is up to the individual, however more analysis to frame a market will be undertaken in the near future.

As most horse racing gamblers know, there are many different ways that one can, and will, utilise this information. Despite the fact that the webpage that shows the ratings is quite simple, we have to emphasise once again, that a lot of work has gone into these ratings, and there are a lot of back door unseen variables that make up these ratings. This has been a work in progress for several years.

Feel free to play around with the ratings, and head to the forum for further questions.