Sportpunter has been providing betting tips online since 2002. In these years, we have provided our customers with the best results of any other tipping service.

But Sportpunter are a lot different to any other normal tipping service. We don’t just pick teams based on a hunch or with inside information, Sportpunter uses mathematics to model sports outcomes in order to predict future events.

Sportpunter’s founder, Jonathan Lowe, has studied statistics and mathematics at university for eight years completing his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Statistics and Psychology, and then continuing with his Honours level and Master of Science. You can find out more about Jonathan Lowe here.

Obtaining a very large database, Sportpunter use complex mathematical and statistical tests to analyse past performance. After determining the important variables that are important for predictive purposes, Sportpunter then use the same principles to predict the probability of players or teams to win matches.

These are then compared to the odds, where value is found, and then using a Kelly criteria to bet with, we suggest how much one should bet to obtain maximum profit.

Excel spreadsheets are used to make your betting as easy as possible. You put in your bank account, your Kelly factorial (your level of risk), and the program will automatically tell you how much to bet, and at what odds. All you have to do is go to your bookmaker and make the bet.

You don’t have to worry about all the complicated mathematics, we do that.

Take a look at some of our results over the years. AFL betting has been our longest predicted sport with incredible results. Tennis has been a long favourite sport to bet on at Sportpunter and Soccer or Football bettingĀ  is new for Sportpunter but arguably has the best results of the lot. Amazingly, the predictions for soccer is completely free of charge.

So browse through some of our sports, make a comment on the forum or check out some of the articles on our home page.

Sportpunter is the number 1 professional and profitable sports betting website since 2002!

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