Australian basketball set to start

Australian basketball is back. And it will be extremely interesting how the season unfolds considering all the post season drama. No Sydney team, and the length of quarters reduced from 12 minutes to 10. This should have an interesting effect on totals betting. Logic tells you that the total scores of teams should reduce by 16.6%, however the pre season tournament showed that this is not the case for a number of different reasons.

Last year the average score per game was 193.9 points. Pre season the average score was 172. IF we are to reduce the average 193.9 by 40/48 then we get 161.6 which is less than the 172.

Sportpunter NBL Season with predictions

Sportpunter NBL Season with predictions

The reason could be because the better players will get more percentage game time on the court. Also, players might be more prone to create fouls which stop the clock.

For my predictions, I’m going to use this 172 as a constant average to start off with, which means a reduction in points by 11.3%. Also of course I will take careful note on the what odds, if at all, the bookmakers price the totals up.

Still the free NBL predictions are available here, and the season starts Thursday!

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Massive Soccer Wins

Sportpunter’s soccer models have had a facelift and what great results we have seen. The betting histories for the soccer model is shown here and results are staggering. This year alone we’ve made nearly 5% ROI on over 6600 bets, betting head to heads. Similarly with totals betting  8% ROI has been made with nearly 5000 bets.soccerball

Last weekend alone was amazing for punters who followed the model. 180 bets were made on head to head betting, for a return of 18% ROI. Wins included

Burnley d. Sutherland (EPL) @ 2.99 (45.4% chance)

Morecambe d. Notts County (eng leadue 2) @ 4.20 (36.6% chance)
Asteras Tripolis d. Panionios (Greek Premier) @ 5.48 (27.7% chance)
Queens d. Dundee (Scottish 1st div) @ 3.57 (42.5% chance)

Totals also performed fantastically as well with over 150 bets and profits of about 6% ROI.

All the bets with 67 leagues world wide are updated every day and are completely free. Go here for all the latest information:

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New Sportpunter Website

Welcome to thnewsportpunterwebsitee new sportpunter website. For those who have been around, you will know that Sportpunter has been operating online since 2002. That’s a long time, but the website was getting a little old and has now been designed to enable some good changes that we plan on undertaking.

For example, the front page will from now on be more of a blog, with articles about our models, gambling in general and sports betting news. Clients are also welcome to post articles should they wish and everyone is welcome to post comments.

We will also have short updates on twitter when new articles are written as well as giving out information about when sports are updated.

We plan on making sportpunter the best sports gambling website in Australia and possibly the world. It will be stacking with sports betting information, which, along with my own personal Sports gambling models will make it the one stop place to gain all sorts of information about gambling from.

There’s bound to be a few teething problems on the new site, but we will get there. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions.

Already I know of some sportpunter clients who have given up their day job to become professional gamblers, and I hope you can join me on the sportpunter ride.

Jump on board!

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