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twittertennisMany of us would love to know how the players we are betting on are feeling on a daily basis. To get this sort of information we would need to search for news stories of injuries that were usually at best a few days old.

With the advent of social media sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and now Twitter, we no longer need to rely on these other sources of information. Why bother getting injury news from someone else when you can get it from the players themselves the moment it happens? By following these players on Twitter you can learn quite alot about their current fitness level, how they are feeling about upcoming matches and their daily life.

Below is every ATP and WTA player I could find that currently has a twitter account.

Remember to add the Sportpunter twitter page as well to get news of new posts,upcoming contests and results on a daily basis.

ATP Players

WTA Players

Retired Players


If we have missed anyone you know about, Please add them to the comments section as we will be updating this list on a monthly basis.

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