Brownlow Medal 2009

Whilst sportpunter garyabletthave not come up with any specific predictions for the Brownlow medal, one of our regular clients, Flosso has come up with his predictions which you can download in the forum. He’s done pretty good in past years, and this year he reckons Ablett will take out the crown.

Not a very adventurous prediction, but the probability that he suggests means a significant overlay. I managed to get on with odds of $3.10 at betfair, and the odds have come in a bit since.

Check out flosso’s predictions here:

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2 Responses to Brownlow Medal 2009

  1. sportpunter says:

    And gazza gets up! Nice win!

  2. flosso says:

    Fantastic result, plenty of the exotic options got up too for a very nice profit.

    I came across a website just today with a plethora of untapped statistics:

    • contested / uncontested disposals,
    • contested / uncontested marks,
    • one percenters,
    • long kicks,
    • bounces,
    • targets and marks inside 50,
    • hard ball gets,
    • effective disposals,
    • effective tackles,
    • effective hit-outs
    • time on ground

    No guranantees that any of these will make a significant improvement to the model but can’t hurt to try!

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