Ice Hockey: Nasty Russians no more

2010-u18-wjc-team-russia-finishes-without-medals-176We wrote previously about how the Russian and Finish hockey totals results were not too flash. And the reason was simple, the database did not have enough data to come up with accurate results, and hence every expected value of goals it predicted for every match was the same.

This made the ice hockey model look terribly bad. Russia itself had lost 16% ROI from 403 bets alone. But since the previous article we have upgraded the leagues of these two, and how have they gone since?


Russia has made 3.1% ROI from 108 bets, whilst Finland has made 10.6% ROI from 66 bets. In fact, all the leagues have done amazingly well since the update at 9/12/13. The handicap or line market has made 5.4% ROI from 519 bets, and the totals have made a staggering 9.2% ROI from 601 bets. Totals alone has made nearly $7,500 in this period (based on $1k bank, full Kelly).

What’s more is that the European ice hockey model is free. So knock yourself out.

Full details and betting histories are shown here:

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