NHL – American Ice Hockey starts tonight

Just to let you know that the NHL season starts tonight and one again Sportpunter will be releasing probabilities for the season. This year, the predictions will be completely free of charge, and will be released around 5-6pm AEDT every day.

The results for Sportpunter’s NHL model have been fantastic over the years. As shown here: http://www.sportpunter.com/result-history/ice-hockey-results/ we have made a profit of 5.7% ROI betting totals from 8 years of betting. Last year, was one of our best with a 9.8% ROI made.

You can check out the predictions from the NHL page: http://www.sportpunter.com/sports/ice-hockey/ and download the calculator.

Don’t forget also, that NBA, NBL, European Basketball and European Ice Hockey is set to start very soon as well.

Best of punting luck

Jonathan Lowe


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