NBL, Australian Basketball season 2013/14 set to start

nblbettingThe NBL, Australian Basketball, starts on Thursday with reigning three time champions hosting Wollongong. And once again Sportpunter will be giving predictions for every match.

Our record for NBL betting has been pretty good over the years. This will be our 8th year that we released predictions for the NBL, so let’s see how they have gone in the past.

Firstly totals betting. Totals betting had a small loss last year which was disappointing, because it was our first yearly loss in five years. With only 92 bets mate, year to year variation will occur and hopefully this is just that. The previous season of 2011/12, we made a staggering 31.5% ROI, so it is clear that the totals model is still very strong. With new regulations about defensive fouls, we should see higher scoring matches, and I will talk about this in the next article to be released tomorrow.

Head to head betting as seen us make a few losses over the past 3-4 years, however, with the introduction of line betting, we have seen some very nice upswings. Whilst h2h betting has lost, handicap or line betting has done extremely consistently well. The last two years (this is all that we have recorded live line betting for), have made just over 14% ROI in total, so it is clear to me, that line betting is the way to go when betting on teams in NBL. Full betting histories are shown here.

Subscriptions for NBL are now open, so make sure that you get signed up for some nice profits before the season starts, this Thursday the 10th of October. Click here for all the details.

Best of punting luck


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