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College Basketball Season Commences

The American College Basketball season has just commenced, and once again we are giving away predictions free of charge. Predictions are updated twice daily to make sure that all the predictions are released when the odds are available. With a large number of matches played per year, this sport is great for getting a lot of turnover on.

Totals betting is the way to go here, and we have a betting history record going back to 2003/04. Overall we’ve made 6.6% ROI from 7300 bets. The past 3-4 years we have made in between 2% and 5.6% ROI per year, with the last two years recording nearly 1250 bets. Suggested bets and full betting histories found here:

NBA Early Profits

We told you how the Sportpunter model makes massive profits early in the season, and we were correct once again in 2012/13. Already this year from 68 bets we have made 20.8% ROI and $3,800 profit. Totals as well have been on fire, with 71 bets made at a 59% success winning rate. A return on investment of 15.6% per bet has been made. Amazing results. The predictions are free, so make sure you get on now, early in the season, whilst the going is good. Full details here:

Euro Basketball

It really is all about basketball this week, and Euro Basketball betting has not been struggling at all. From over 1500 bets since November last year, Euro Basketball betting has made 1.7% ROI betting head to head, 5.0% ROI betting on the line, and 4.5% ROI betting the totals. That’s a very large sample size, with big profits. Like NBA and college basketball, Euro Basketball is also free of charge on Sportpunter. So get on board with all the details here and start winning:

Australian (NBL) Basketball

The Australian Basketball season has started as well, and profits are great to start off with. Whilst only a limited number of bets have been made, profits have been nice. 17 bets at 8.5% ROI for head to head betting and 18 bets at 9.9% ROI for line betting. Totals unfortunately have shown a loss from their 17 bets, but it’s very early on in the season and hopefully, like previous years, profits will continue. Check out the 7 year betting history and predictions here for NBL:

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