Happy 10th Birthday Sportpunter

Sportpunter is celebrating its 10th year in business. That’s 10 years of giving out predictions from its website. From the humble start of giving tennis predictions and cricket matchups from the Swinburne University website till now, it’s been a great experience. Many of our followers have followed us from the very beginning and continue to do so now, so thankyou to you guys. Without your support, Sportpunter would not be operating.

Who remembers the first days of Sportpunter which launched in November 2002? The simple, self made graphics I once thought were pretty special as shown here:


The fact that the picture would change simply by putting your mouse over it! Tennis was of course the sport that gathered the most attention at first. The profits were great early, and I didn’t even include qualifying and challengers in the model. Goes to show how advanced bookmaking has come since the early days.

Formula1 predictions were also produced every week, but this was merely a way to get free grandstand tickets and a bit of publicity for Swinburne! Cricket, AFL, NRL, Rugby Union and English Premier League soon followed, with AFL showing the biggest profits of them all (and continues to do so now).

The business kept going so smoothly and increasing in numbers that I had to stop my PHD to give enough time to it. After 10 years at University studying statistics, mathematics and psychology, it was time to head out into the real world and get a real world job.

However, not many people believe today that I still have a real world job. With flexible hours (despite having to work every day – 365 days of the year), it sure is different than your standard 9 to 5 getup. But full time work meant more sports analysis, a forum, special articles about sports gambling and a new designed website as shown here: http://web.archive.org/web/20040624032849/http://sportpunter.com/

In the past 3-4 years we have seen a massive increase in the number of sports, with Ice Hockey (EU and NHL), Basketball (NBA, NBL, Euro, NCAAB), NFL, Soccer, Golf and Baseball being added to the Sportpunter sports list. Another new designed website, more in depth statistical analysis, and we are where we are today.

Ten years ago I was guaranteed a job giving tennis predictions at another website for a split profit deal, but whilst travelling around Australia, was told that the position was filled by someone else. Little did they know. That other website now doesn’t exist, but Sportpunter continues to go ahead strongly.

Ten years is a long time. It is especially a long time to be constantly giving out gambling predictions. This just shows the long term record and long term success that we have had with our betting. If our predictions had been non profitable, or our records dodgy we would have been out of business long ago. But Sportpunter continues to thrive, and will hopefully do so into the future for the next 10 years.

I’m giving myself a pat on the back for the 10 year anniversary of Sportpunter, and if you had been following Sportpunter in the past, then I’m sure you would as well.

Thanks to Steve for the webpage design and constantly correcting my spelling errorrs. 😉

And Thanks for everyone’s support, and here’s to the next 10 years ahead.

Jonathan Lowe


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