Sportpunter profits 1/1/12 to 30/6/12

There’s been quite a lot of talk in the forum and elsewhere about how best to manage your money. Should you use a moving bank? Adjustable after every day, or every week or month? Or maybe just adjust at the end of the season.

Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to tell everyone how well, or bad, the Sportpunter models have gone in the first half of the year.

We’ve download all of the results from all our models in all our sports, and worked out how much we would have made this year, had we started the year with a $10,000 bank and betting every sport at various Kelly divisors. The sports that we have in the analysis is as follows:



  • AFL – Line betting
  • MLB – h2h
  • MLB – totals
  • NCAAB – totals
  • NBA – line
  • NBA – totals
  • NBL – line
  • NBL – totals
  • Golf – h2h
  • NHL – totals
  • EU Ice – Line
  • EU Ice – Totals
  • EU Basketball – Line
  • EU Basketball – Totals
  • NFL – Line
  • NFL – Totals
  • NRL – h2h
  • Super15s – h2h
  • ATP – h2h
  • WTA – h2h

Now of course, should one use slightly different combinations of sports one would come up with different results, but the main sports to bet on in my opinion are above, even though some are relatively new. Keep in mind that not all of the above sports provided a profit in the first half of 2012. NHL totals, EU Basketball totals, NRL, Super15s and WTA all provided reasonable losses. Whilst NFL totals and NCAAB Totals provided small losses from small turnover.

Firstly, the results of the Sportpunter’s models can be better shown using constant Kelly. From a $10,000 bank, the results of how one would have gone betting all of Sportpunter’s above models at various Kelly divisors is shown below in the graph.


The graph above shows that the finishing bank should end up somewhere between $27,000 to $44,000 (divisors 20 and 10), at the end of six months. This means a one would have finished the first half of the year, almost tripling your bank up to more than quadrupling it. Very good results indeed.

Once again, it must be stated that it is dependent on what odds you receive and what sports you bet, but the true significance of how good the Sportpunter models is, is shown above.

As an example, shown below is how the year panned out for someone betting at 1/15th Kelly on all the sports.

In the next post, we will have a look at different Strategies, from Moving Banks, to separate banks for each sport, and will also give you the opportunity to download the Excel spreadsheet that gave the above (and next articles) data for you to play around with.


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