Eleven winning line bets in a row for Sportpunter’s AFL Model

With the AFL at mid-season and each team having a bye, it’s probably about time that we also did a mid-season review of how the Sportpunter AFL Model is going. For those who have subscribed, you might well know why this review is taking place. Because no doubt, your bank balance should be sky rocketing.

To be frank, this year has been so far the best year for Sportpunter AFL subscribers. The results have been phenomenal. Even of late, since round 10, we have won 11 line bets in a row. The results of these are shown at the bottom of the page.

The results as shown here are proof for themselves. So far this year we have made 77 line bets for 50 wins at a 35% return of investment.  A staggering profit of $5,861 means that if you were betting with a constant $10,000 bank at say 1/5th Kelly, then you would have profited over $11,000 for the year so far. And we all know that many if our supporters have been betting more than that.

And why not? Because it isn’t just this year that the AFL Sportpunter model has performed exceptionally well, it’s been virtually every year. The last four years straight has seen us win over 13% ROI, and almost as big a profit as we have so far this year.

So big have the winnings been, that I’ve done some analysis if we had started with a $10,000 bank betting 1/5th Kelly back in 2005 and adjusting the bank after every 8 matches (a standard round).

The results are amazing. At the end of 2005, our bank would have increased to $19,263. Almost double. A drop in 2006 saw the bank decrease unfortunately to $16,158. However this drop was shortly reversed, with the bank more than doubling to $33,792 by the end of 2007. 2008 saw  a slight rise in profits to $35,549. And despite more than tripling our bank size four years, this is where the profits rake in.

2009 saw a doubling of the bank once again and it increased up to $76,315. It doubled again in 2010 up to $151,845. Doubling of the bank seems to be a common theme here, with 2011 almost doing it again. The bank at the end of the 2011 season hits $292,995. And in 2012 it has already more than doubled up to $848,655 with still half the season to go.

Of course this assumes that you can bet the full amount at the odds that we quote at the time given, but the theory is there, the results given and the profits recorded.

Can you really afford not to subscribe? It’s not too late to subscribe for the remainder of 2012. Click here for all the betting histories for AFL and here for subscriber information.


Eleven winning line bets in a row:

02/06/2012Port AdelaideCarlton5419.559.7%1.951.95$172.79$-$164.15
03/06/2012BrisbaneWest Coast230.563.8%1.872.04$221.91$-$193.06
03/06/2012CollingwoodGold Coast97-64.562.9%21.91$258.00$-$258.00
14/06/2012West CoastCarlton10-25.532.7%2.021.88$-$301.41$265.24
15/06/2012AdelaideSt. Kilda4-17.540.3%2.061.85$-$122.88$104.45
16/06/2012Gw SydneyRichmond-1258.562.3%1.92.01$204.11$-$183.70
16/06/2012Gold CoastNorth Melbourne-736.560.8%1.981.93$208.00$-$203.84

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