AFL Goldmine season set to start 2012

Season proper for the AFL begins this weekend, with new team Greater Western Sydney to play the Sydney Swans. More about these teams later, but first let’s talk about the success of the Sportpunter AFL model, clearly the best model that Sportpunter operate.

The record speaks for itself. Thirteen years of history summing up to a profit of 10% ROI for head to head betting. That means that for every $100 you bet, on average you return $110. And when you start making many bets each weekend, the profits rack up. Line or handicap betting has been amazingly strong the last few years. Here we’ve made over 15% ROI over the past three years.

We also started totals betting last year, which started slow (2.2% ROI), but we have tweaked it a little and expect great results this year.

One of the keys to the AFL model is being able to judge the teams very accurately, more accurately that the bookmakers or any other source. With Greater Western Sydney coming into the competition this year, I have no doubt, that we already have good grasp of how they will go.

Because what we can do is take a look at how we did betting for or against Gold Coast in 2011, who were the new introduced team.

Gold Coast was a pot of Gold.

Given 15 bets for or against them, we managed to win 13 of them, with the two losing bets amongst the smallest size. $3262 was bet for $2561 profit or 78% ROI whenever the Suns were involved betting on the line. Head to head betting saw us bet on them twice for one victory and against them five times for five wins. $2465 was bet for $681 profit or 27% ROI.

Does the public think they know how good the Giants are going to be? I don’t think so. More than half our profit betting the line was made betting on or against the Suns in 2011, and with the Giants starting up, there is no better time to get involved with Sportpunter’s AFL Model.

You can view all the betting history here, and feel free to drop me a line or ask other subscribers in the forum about the subscription.

But get in quick, because the Giants start their season off this weekend, and you don’t want to miss out.

Subscription details are available here.

Best of punting luck

Jonathan Lowe

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