Australian Basketball – NBL – Season set to start

The Australian basketball season for 2010/2011  is set to start, and what better way to get on board the winning bandwagon. It doesn’t really matter if you follow the NBL season that close, it’s very rare that someone does, because the betting history speaks for itself.

Take a look at the betting history. In the four years that we have been giving NBL predictions, we’ve made an incredible 11.4% ROI betting on the head to head and 8.7% ROI betting on the totals. Last year was particularly fantastic with 25% ROI betting on the head to head and almost 20% ROI betting on the totals. Incredible stuff.

With matches generally being played on each weekend, predictions will be available by 5pm on that day, so the timing of probabilities release will be quite consistant. All the main Australian books as well as many international bookies have prices for the NBL. It would have to be arguably the sport with the weakest market, which is the main reason why we can take advantage of it.

The NBL season starts this weekend, so get on board to get your profits soaring.

Click here to see all the sign up information for the NBL in 2010/2011

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