Soccer world cup draw: who has the hardest group

worldcupEveryone has been talking about the new draw that has been released for the soccer world cup and who has the hardest group. Like every year, the Australians are complaining that we have the toughest group. Even the FIFA world cup website suggests that Germany and Brazil are in arguably the toughest two groups. Perhaps the other teams in those groups don’t have it tough for some reason.

But who has the toughest group? And who has the easiest run? Well we can roughly work that out once and for all. Using the World Football Elo Ratings, we can add up all the rankings for all the teams and determine which group will be the hardest.

Results are shown below:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
South Africa1508Argentina1876England1957Germany1933
Mexico1875Nigeria1741United States1784Australia1773
Uruguay1793South Korea1733Algeria1580Serbia1805
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Denmark1774Paraguay1739North Korea1510Switzerland1764
Japan1774New Zealand1538Cote d’Ivoire1763Honduras1729

Group H


Group E


Group G


Group D


Group B


Group A


Group C


Group F


So there we have it, according to the Elo ratings, Group H which consists of Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and Chile have the toughest group, whilst group F which consists of Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia have the easiest draw.

And Australia? Germany and Brazil? Group D and G are listed as third and fourth. A little tough, but nothing to write home about.

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4 Responses to Soccer world cup draw: who has the hardest group

  1. LRBC says:

    base on that…you could say Australia 2006 world cup group was harder with a ELO rating of 7382

  2. sportpunter says:

    Yep you’d be right there LRBC, although Australia has increased in ranking since the last world cup (I’m guessing) and other teams have changed.

  3. Dori Wyont says:

    Thank you for the truly great write-up. With the world cup coming around your are beginning to get significantly better discussions on sports all over the world. Keep writing please. The internet needs it.

  4. Christene Cullom says:

    I love soccer, not sure about this ball for the world cup though. Do you think it is good for the game?

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