Happy Birthday Sportpunter

Sportpunter is turning 9! That’s nine years of successful predictions and great sports betting profits. We’ve come a long way since the early days of tennis and cricket on the Swinburne website, and are now giving predictions for more sports than ever. It may be tough for new people to keep up with all the predictions that we give, so we are going to give away a tip of the day from one of our sports to you for free. This tip will be given away on facebook and we’ll also have a webpage at sportpunter soon showing you how they have gone. The betting history will be up on the webpage showing you how we have gone with these.

These picks of the day will come out semi-daily, and are a great way for new punters, who perhaps don’t understand a lot of the mathematics of gambling, to get started. So far we’ve only made two picks, 1 NBL pick that won and an NHL ice hockey pick that is still currently playing.

We also plan on having a more professional all round tipping service where punters can subscribe to up to 10-15 tips per week. This will be on a variety of sports, and is a step up on the previous tip of the day method. Of course, all the long term regulars would no doubt be more interested in getting the whole package, and various sports.

But the good news is, to celebrate Sportpunter’s 9th birthday, we are going to give one of these packages away for free. Simple become a fan of the Sportpunter facebook page (as shown here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sportpunter/162437893783053?v=wall ), as well as making a few comments on some of the picks, and you can win a sports subscription for a year of your choice. Choose between AFL, NRL, NBL, NHL or Tennis.

Simply become a fan of Sportpunter on facebook, reply with a few comments, and within the next week we will be giving away a free subscription.

Happy birthday to Sportpunter, and best of punting luck



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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Sportpunter

  1. Craig Eyles says:

    Well done on the 9th birthday, mate. Let’s hope there’s 9 more.

  2. Sportpunter says:

    Congratulations to Jason Boyd, whos liking and several comments made him the winner of the competition. Jason will recieve a subscription for 2010 of his choice.

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