NBA: The LA Lakers are my favourite team

When the Los Angeles Lakers went zero wins and 8 losses in the pre season of 2012-13 few people took notice. The fact that their average losing amount was by 15.3 points didn’t have much effect on funs and the public. The Lakers would get good again, after all pre season means nothing right? No other team this century has had a worse pre season record, but it didn’t matter. Kobe Bryant will save the day when the real stuff starts.

But at we all know, it wasn’t quite that simple. A sacked coach, and still today people believe that they will eventually come good. Maybe they will, but either way they have been a godsend for Sportpunter NBA betters who are constantly betting against them to win.

So far this year we’ve bet against the Lakers 22 times (that’s every single match) for 13 wins. Not bad at 59%, but when you consider that the average price that we have had against them is 3.41, (including a win on Orlando at odds of 11!) Sportpunter clients must be licking their lips. Steve from independent betting blog is. Says Steve:

“what a season so far. This week saw another $2,500 profit for totals and an amazing $5,000 profit for the H2H’s. Pretty much backing against the lakers and heat have produced that profit.”

And he’s not far wrong. As shown on his website, Steve’s made over $18,000 at over 12% ROI in a couple of years betting the NBA. And the official results at the sportpunter betting history for this season to date is really quite spectacular 15.2% ROI betting h2h, 3.9% ROI betting the line and 6.0% ROI profit betting the totals.  It’s been a very good year. Keeping in mind that h2h, totals and line betting all made profits in the previous two years beforehand as well, and you might well say that we are onto a good thing.

So how have we gone betting against the Lakers? Our official results show $7,183 bet for $6089 profit, or 85% ROI. I love the Lakers, they are now my favourite team.

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