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Yes it’s been about a week, but it’s been a hair pulling teeth grinding week indeed. You see, stupid dirty hackers decided to hack into my website and shred it to pieces. I hate hackers. I mean what is their point? At least I can take the honour of being a big enough website for someone to hack into!

But look at the bright side. Aside from my website being down for about a week, I’ve managed to change to a better host, and have a more secure website and can easily look out for these issues with greater scrutiny. It’s been a good 5 years since my friend pleaded with me to leave DotEasy hosting. And I’ve finally done it. But when they decided to take down your website and not even notify you of doing so, well that was the last straw.

This is a shout out review of anyone wanting to go to doteasy webpage hosting, to stay well clear.

Enough of the rant. So what now for Sportpunter? Well it is our 10th year in the business, and there are plans for a get together / function later in the year, perhaps in the weekends of the prelim finals.

Soccer predictions have started up each week with mixed results, and are as always a work in progress. AFL betting has had another blinder of a weekend, with three massive bets getting up quite easily on the line. This year alone we’ve made almost $2,000 and 37% ROI betting on the handicap. Just a small bank size of $2,500 at 1/5th Kelly would have already paid for the subscription price and we are only in round 3! And that doesn’t even include the 21% ROI made on totals betting to date.

Since November last year, betting on European Basketball has made 8.4% ROI from over 1000 bets betting on the totals, 6.1% ROI betting on the line, and 2.7% ROI betting head to head.

College Basketball finished up 2.0% ROI betting totals for the year from over 1200 bets. A bit lower than previous years, but still positive nevertheless after a great start to the season.

Despite not having many bets since starting in December last year, College Basketball has made 8.8% ROI from 318 bets betting totals, 9.7% ROI betting head to head and 8.8% ROI betting the line from 450 bets.

I have identified a new variable in tennis (I can’t say what it is, as in doing so will lose its value), that even when blinding betting, you could make as much as 3-4% ROI. This will be shortly added to the models.

And yes, I know it’s what you have been waiting for, but an Australian Horse Racing model is on the agenda, and should be up and running before the spring carnival.

Either way, we are up and running just like normal. So come on in, chat in the forum, view the free predictions and bet like a professional once again.

Jonathan Lowe


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