Merry Christmas! Sportpunter in 2012

Firstly, merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone has a great and joyful time. 2011 was a good year, but 2012 will be better, and hopefully be fantastic for you as well.

What does 2012 hold in store? Well lots really. Apart from the normal sports that we have, we will introduce volleyball, handball and hopefully Australian Horse Racing.

There will be numerous improvements to all our models, and we will be offering totals betting and line betting options for tennis. For both men’s and women’s! Yep that’s right, a separate model for totals betting for tennis. This could be great news as Sportpunter clients will know that I do sometimes have the big edge with totals betting.

Baseball is set for a massive revamp as is soccer. If you haven’t checked the new Euro Hockey and Euro basketball then you should. They are free after all, and the betting history for Euro basketball in particular is just amazing to date.

The free college basketball tips are going well, and NBA is set to start on Christmas day! Golf will start again in the new year, with hopefully as good as results as 2011.
Totals betting histories and suggested bets will continue for AFL as well, and in 2012 we will have them for NRL and Rugby Union.

Free NFL predictions are still going staggeringly well. Know anyone else with free NFL predictions that are going as amazingly well based on finishing odds? I doubt it.

Oh and I almost forgot. Australian tennis open in Melbourne. My shout! Come along with me, pick my brain, watch some tennis and gulp down a drink or two. Email me or check out the forum for discussion.

All things are set for 2012. I’m excited at the prospects. I hope you are

Merry Christmas everyone and bring on the new year

Jonathan Lowe

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