Top 10 sportspeople of the 2000s


Federer? Tiger Woods? Tendulkar? Marion Jones?

Who do you think will make the top 10 sportspeople of the last ten years? Sportpunter will be counting down the list. We are looking at all sports from Javelin to Judo, from baseball to boxing. We’ve looked deep and hard, weighing up all the variables using Sportpunter’s latest mathematical technique to come up with the top ten sportspeople of the last ten years. Unfortunately for all pro wrestling fans, none of your stars made the list. Hulk Hogan didn’t quite make the cut.

But there are plenty of others that well might. Will Kobe Bryant make the list? Johnny Wilkonson or Kelly Slater? And what of the female stars; the Williams sisters, Annika Sörenstam or Cathy Freeman? And who will come in number one?

From this Monday, we will be counting down the top ten. One position per weekday. All crescendoing to the number one sportsperson of the decade on Friday December the 4th.

But the list starts this Monday. Who do you think will make the cut and who will make get the chop? Write your answers in the comments below.

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3 Responses to Top 10 sportspeople of the 2000s

  1. Scott says:

    After watching the Pacman destroy Cotto last Sunday I would have to think he would be in the top 10. He has gone thru weight divisions like a steam train. Hope he smashes the Pretty Boy Floyd when it finally happens.

    Tiger,Fed,Kobe,Michael Phelps,Sebastien Loeb, Ronaldinho and Schumacher would be some of the usual suspects.

    Usain Bolt for number one for me though. Freak!! Enough said.


  2. Hareeba says:

    Is Makybe Diva a sportsperson? 🙂

  3. sportpunter says:

    haha. I actually thought about Makybe Diva and wondered if I include her. If it were best animal then maybe she would win, but I’m not sure what the penguins do

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