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basketball-ringIt’s basketball season, and what a cracker of a start we have had with our Sportpunter basketball models. Let’s go through them one at a time


Incredible results early in the season. We told you previously that early in the season has the best results, and aren’t we getting them! H2h betting has amassed a massive 34.6% ROI profit for the year so far, with big wins in the last few days on Boston (9.65) and the Lakers (11.75). Line or handicap betting isn’t far behind with 17% ROI made early, and whilst totals took an early hit the first week has recovered well for a small loss so far. All the betting histories are shown here:


NBL results were ordinary in the first week, but for those who persisted thank goodness that you did. Using pinnacle sports odds only, we have made a massive 43% ROI so far from 21 bets betting h2h with some big outsiders coming home that we rated as should be the favourite. Handicap betting has also made a healthy profit at 18% ROI whilst totals have made a steady 16% ROI so far this year. It’s a long season, and has only just started, so get on board now to get the rewards. Details here:

Euro Basketball

With more than 30 leagues of predictions going up every day, there are plenty of opportunities to make some value bets. Once again using Pinnacle Sports odds, we have made a 4.9% ROI betting h2h in 2013 from nearly 1500 bets. Impressive stuff. Line betting has made 2.7% ROI, but the big winner has been totals betting, making 7.9% ROI from 1571 bets so far this year.

This isn’t a one off either. We’ve been predicting for 3 years now, and the records speak for themselves, with equivalent profits made every year. Over 3500 bets is a decent sized history don’t you think? The Euro Basketball model is free to get the predictions, so head over here to get them every day:


American College basketball has just started their new season, and once again we are predicting every day. Updates will be at 3.30am and 9.00am Australian Time, in order to get the best and most available odds. Those wishing to get up early have good reason, whilst for those in America, it’s the perfect time to bet on a long term profitable model.

This is now our 11th year in a row of predicting NCAAB, and results have been very good over that time. Whilst line betting has always struggled, it’s the totals that have most punters excited about. From over 8000 bets in the 11 years, we have made 6.0% ROI betting on totals. The NCAAB model is available for free, so full betting histories and details are available here:

So welcome to the basketball season punters, and hopefully your profits will continue like past years
Best of punting luck

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