Australian Open 2011 Get Together

Was a very good day indeed. The next morning however wasn’t as great.

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3 Responses to Australian Open 2011 Get Together

  1. plsmove says:

    You dont look like a typical scientist, Jon 🙂 I hope and I am sure acutally you guys had a good time!

    He completed a Bachelor of Science at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Monash University is regarded as being one of the top universities in the country. He obtained a double major in statistics and psychology. He decided to further his study by obtaining his honours level in statistics. Following this success, he continued and completed his Master of Science in the statistics field. Jonathan started his PhD in the sports statistics analysis and prediction area

  2. admin says:

    ha yeah, not many scientists have dreadlocks, however I have a theory:

    Mathematics, (and stats) is such a bland subject to many, that you either get the complete nerdy maths dude, or the excentric out there maths dude. Einstein for example is a good example of the latter.

  3. plsmove says:

    Hahaha, you are right. Good insight 🙂

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